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For architects planning a dream property, for builders making those dreams a reality, and for interior designers maximising the beauty and function of a space, we know you’ll be thinking of every last detail for your client. No modern luxury property is complete without a home lift; find the perfect solution to amaze your clients with the Savaria Vuelift.

Rethink what a home lift can be
Elevate the homes you design and build. Discover the Savaria® Vuelift® panoramic home elevator with our NEW Interactive Design Inspiration Guide.

The sky’s the limit!

Endless applications

From luxury penthouses and inner-city townhouses to country estates with character and holiday residences, there’s a Vuelift for every property. Whether you’re designing on an entirely blank canvas, or renovating an existing property, Vuelift works perfectly. Attach to a balcony, install through the floor, or combine the two for a multi-stop solution.

  • Balcony/mezzanine
  • Spiral stairway
  • Curved staircases
  • Through the floor
kitchen-elevator stairs-elevator

Working with a smaller space? Sticking to a tight budget?
Explore the new Vuelift Mini.

Bespoke quality without the fuss

Every detail taken care of

Using the highest quality materials and seamlessly integrated cabin and lift shaft, we’ve taken care of every last detail so you can focus on creating the perfect home for your clients. A bespoke residential lift system has never been easier to achieve – why look anywhere else when Vuelift gives you an all-in-one solution that’s perfect every time?


Limited construction needed

The straightforward solution

Our all-in-one integrated lift shaft means that Vuelift can be fitted in most homes without any structural modifications; the weight of the lift is transferred through the steel frame to the ground floor. While we do recommend a 10cm pit (7.5cm for the Vuelift Mini), this isn’t always necessary and can be replaced with a ramp or small step on the ground floor. All Vuelift components can easily fit through most standard doorways, through narrow halls, and up staircases with no specialised equipment needed – ideal for fitting into existing properties or flats.

Specially created to give you flexibility in a small space, the new Vuelift Mini needs only a 127cm diameter footprint. It can be placed against a wall, in the middle of an open plan space, in a corner or within a spiral staircase. Taking up 70cm2 less space than traditional residential lifts, it’s perfect for any renovation projects with limited floorspace.

The gold standard

For your peace of mind

Not all house lifts are built to comply with EN 81-41 – 2010, the safety criteria that domestic lifts must meet in Europe. Every lift in the Vuelift range meets or exceeds these guidelines: the cabin and landing doors meet the spacing and deflection codes; minimum running distance is maintained between the cabin and shaft; an over-speed governor is included; and ANSI Z97.1 rated materials are used for the cabin and lift shaft.

Safety first

Above and beyond

Vuelift exceeds the strict requirements for domestic lifts by including many cabin and shaft access safety features as standard. This includes two independent slack-cable switches, a digital rotary encoder to track the cabin location, interlock shaft door safeties with a proximity sensor redundancy system, upper and terminal limit safeties, an emergency stop switch in the cabin, and cabin door monitoring. This state-of-the-art range of safety features mean you can confidently recommend Vuelift for your projects.

Our lift is one of a kind

Other domestic lifts might look like the Vuelift at first blush, that’s where the similarity ends. The Vuelift outperforms pneumatic vacuum drive technology thanks to: a tried and tested reliable winding drum system; full safety compliance; smooth, consistent speed unaffected by cabin load or environmental factors; increased capacity (up to 430kg); and quieter operation (under 65 dB). And no one needs to put up with smoky tinted glass – the tint-free acrylic panels on the Vuelift won’t become scratched during use, and will stay crystal clear throughout the lift’s lifetime.

Enable ageing in place

Ageing-in-place and universal design are the latest home trends thanks to the growing ageing (and affluent) population. Give your clients more reason to choose you by offering mobility for the future without compromising on style.

Revit Family files for previous years available here

Don’t just take our word for it

Savaria is proud to have won the following awards and accolades for Vuelift from the following reputable organisations:

  • Elevator World Project of the Year
    First place in the residential elevator category
  • International Builder’s Show
    Best of IBS innovative building product finalist
  • 2021 Pro Builder Top 100 Products
professionals-savaria-vuelift-achitect-awards-narrow-home-elevator-top-left professionals-savaria-vuelift-achitect-awards-narrow-home-elevator-top-right professionals-savaria-vuelift-achitect-awards-narrow-home-elevator-bottom-left professionals-savaria-vuelift-achitect-awards-narrow-home-elevator-bottom-right

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