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Ride in style with Vuelift

Comfort, clarity, quality

The Savaria Vuelift is masterfully built using the highest quality materials for an exceptionally smooth ride. Available in round or octagonal designs, Vuelift delivers beyond safety and convenience; its stylish design and quality components make using the Vuelift a journey to remember.

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Style meets substance

Quality through and through

Using an energy efficient winding drum and high strength aircraft quality cables, Vuelift provides a stable ride that’s smooth all the way. 24 low-friction guides hidden in the cabin enable you to glide gently between floors.

Vuelift’s elegant exterior conceals its strength. Available in 380kg capacity acrylic or 430kg capacity glass models, standard sized Vuelift can easily manage multiple passengers and many personal assistive mobility devices. If you require a smaller footprint, or are working within budget limitations, explore your options with the Vuelift Mini. The Vuelift is manufactured with care in North America.


Only the best

The clear choice

There’s glass and then there’s glass. Vuelift is created from optically clear low-iron silica glass for a crystal-clear panoramic view, without the green tint traditionally associated with thick glass surfaces. Our acrylic models are designed with premium clear acrylic panels, which reduce discolouration over time and go above and beyond the required strength limits. These quality materials deliver a comfortable, spacious cabin with breathtakingly clear views.

All metal components of the Vuelift are finished in a durable powder-coat. With your choice of hundreds of colour options, you can blend your lift flawlessly into your existing décor, or make a statement with new, bold hues.


silica glass
and acrylic

Standard glass

Tinted panel


Whole package installation

Thanks to the Vuelift’s simple design, installation couldn’t be easier. The Vuelift can be set up by a single team, without the need to coordinate and juggle different contractors or tradespeople. With just access to electricity and a phone line, your Vuelift can be installed straight into your existing building – and requires minimal maintenance for reliable access throughout its lifetime.

The best choice for your protection

Our home lifts fully comply with British regulations, which helps ensure you’re protected against deflection, entrapment, and other safety risks. When you purchase a Vuelift, your safety is always our highest priority.

Reliability without the gimmicks

Vuelift is a cut above the rest. This panoramic glass lift is the only one of its kind to use our winding drum drive system for proven reliability. With Vuelift, the advantages are clear: full safety compliance, smooth, consistent speed, higher weight capacity (up to 430kg), and super quiet operation (as low as 58-60 dB for Vuelift Mini). On top of all this, you’ll never have to settle for smoky, tinted, or scratched glass – with the Vuelift’s low-iron optically clear glass you’ll benefit from a stunningly clear view for years to come.

Luxury features included as standard

It’s all in the details

Standard sized Vuelift models include the lift cabin and lift shaft in your choice of shape – circular or octagonal – to suit your space and style, for up to 6 stops over a 15.2 metre travel distance. Vuelift’s features include:

  • Automatic operation
  • Illuminated push-button hall call stations
  • Bifold glass cab gate
  • Integrated touch-pad phone
  • Automatic on/off LED cab lights and ventilation fan
  • Textured semigloss black powder-coat frame
  • Balcony attachment or through-the-floor setup

Vuelift’s design is fully compliant with all home lift safety regulations. Many important safety features are built in as standard, including:

  • Emergency battery back-up for cab lighting and lowering
  • Manual lowering
  • Emergency alarm and stop switch
  • Electrical circuit overspeed
  • Safety brakes
  • Lift door interlocks
  • In-use indicator lights on hall call stations

Tailor your style with our range of options including:

  • White, silver, or custom powder-coat frame colour
  • Straight through or 90 degree entry/exit configurations
  • Pitless with short ground floor ramp (acrylic only)
  • Up to 6 stops