Glass House Lift | Townhouse Case Study | Vuelift by Savaria

Talk of the townhouse

Fort Collins, Colorado

A fresh take on luxury urban living, the Townhomes at Library Park in Fort Collins were designed to meet increasing demand for alternatives to traditional condos. But with floorplans spanning across four levels, access was a challenge – particularly given strict laws in the state around accessibility in multi-unit projects.

The brief: include an accessibility solution that lets the architect direct natural light into the property to maintain a sense of spaciousness

Due to strict state laws around accessibility, a house lift was always included in the plans for two of the 10 Townhomes at Library Park. The designer had assumed a traditional lift would be installed but due to a desire to provide ample natural light and an unobscured view, the enclosed nature of a typical residential lift didn’t fit the bill.


When a glass lift was suggested by one of the presale buyers, it was assumed at first that the feature would be out of the project’s budget. However, everyone found that the Savaria Vuelift was surprisingly affordable, particularly when compared to custom built glass lifts which can reach well over half a million dollars.

A bright solution


The architects discovered that replacing the traditional lift with a Vuelift actually opened up many new possibilities, particularly around letting light into the building. Centering the lift in the stairway meant the stairwell was flooded with natural light, which also brightened up the surrounding living space. Not only did the stairway feel airy and spacious, the glass lift gave a more open feel to the entire property despite the unit’s smaller dimensions.

Setting the trend

The Vuelift Octagonal was included in the project’s show home, where it became a talking point on home tours: viewers got to experience the panoramic ride, gaining a sweeping view of the entire house while ascending through the property. It was so popular, the Vuelift was included in all of the pre-sold units.

Luxury as standard


After the potential buyers had seen the stunning Vuelift in the show home, it quickly caught on – having experienced the wow-factor aesthetics, convenience and practical 430kg capacity of the residential lift, everyone wanted one in their property. What was originally offered as an upgrade option in the 10 townhouses, became a standard element in every home.