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Whether you are an architect planning the dream home, a builder making that vision a reality, or an interior designer making the space as functional and beautiful as possible, you want your clients to know that you have thought of every detail. No contemporary luxury home is complete without a home elevator – let us help you find the perfect Savaria Vuelift solution to wow your clients.

Rethink what a home elevator can be
Elevate the homes you design and build. Discover the Savaria® Vuelift® panoramic glass home elevator with our NEW Interactive Design Inspiration Guide.

Just add imagination

The applications are endless

From palatial penthouses and tall townhomes in urban centers to sprawling country estates and vacation homes, there is a Vuelift solution for every project. No matter whether you are designing from the ground up, or renovating an existing residence, Vuelift works… beautifully. Simply attach to a balcony, ascend through the floor, or use a combination thereof for multi-stop applications.

  • Mezzanine/balcony
  • Spiral staircase
  • Wrap-around stairs
  • Through-the-floor
kitchen-elevator stairs-elevator

Need a smaller footprint solution? Working with a tighter budget?
Discover the new Vuelift Mini.

Custom look without complexity

We took care of the details

From the finest glass to a cab and hoistway designed to work perfectly together, we took care of every small detail so that you can focus on the big picture. A custom look has never been simpler – why spend precious time sourcing separate elements and coordinating contractors when Vuelift gives you perfect fit and finish every time?


Construction not required

A simple solution

Vuelift’s self-supporting hoistway means structural modification to the home is typically not required; most of the weight is transmitted through the steel frame structure to the lowest floor level. And while a 4 inch pit is recommended (3 inches for the Vuelift Mini), Vuelift can be installed without a pit – with a small ramp or short step into the elevator at the lower level. Components fit easily through standard door openings, down narrow hallways, and up stairwells with no special lifting equipment required – ideal for existing homes, including penthouses.

The new Vuelift Mini is designed specifically for flexibility in small spaces. Requiring only a 50 inch diameter footprint, you can place the Vuelift Mini against a wall, in a corner, in the middle of an open-concept living space or centered in a winding or circular staircase. It takes up 7- to 10-square-feet less room than a traditional residential elevator.

Up to code

What you need to know

Not every home elevator is in full compliance with ASME A17.1 section 5.3, which outlines the criteria that the elevator must meet to be deemed safe in North America. The entire Vuelift family meets or exceeds these strict safety guidelines by: the cab gate and landing door complying with 2016 code for spacing and deflection; maintaining the minimum running clearance between the hoistway and cab; including an over-speed governor; and, using ANSI Z97.1 rated glass/acrylic materials for the cab and hoistway.

Safety first

We go beyond the code

In addition to the stringent code requirements for home elevators, the Vuelift design incorporates many other cab and hoistway access safety features. These include two independent slack-cable switches, a digital rotary encoder to track cab location, interlock hoistway door safeties with a proximity sensor redundancy system, upper and terminal limit safeties, an emergency stop switch in the cab, and cab gate monitoring. This all adds up to a product that you can confidently recommend.

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Earn CES credits with our AIA accredited Vuelift webinar

Learn everything you need to know about adding Vuelift to your projects, and earn 1 HSW learning unit towards your CES requirements. Attend this free, on-demand course to gain a broad understanding of Vuelift home elevators, their technology, application and advantages. Or, visit the Savaria website to find the next live Vuelift webinar with a Q&A session. The Savaria website also lists our other AIA-approved continuing education webinars and on-demand courses that can earn you additional continuing education credits.

A silhouette is the only thing in common

While other home elevators on the market may look the same, the similarity ends there. The benefits of Vuelift over pneumatic vacuum drive technology are many and include: a tried-and-true reliable winding drum drive system; safety code compliance; smooth, consistent speed regardless of cab load or environmental factors; higher capacity (up to 950 lb); and, quiet operation (only 65 dB or less). And every designer will appreciate that a smoky tint is not necessary – Vuelift’s tint-free acrylic panels don’t scratch during operation and remain crystal clear for years to come.

Facilitate aging in place

Universal design and aging-in-place are becoming hot topics with the growth of an aging – and often affluent – population. Provide solutions that enable future mobility without compromising aesthetics, and give your clients one more reason to be delighted with your services.

Revit Family files for previous years available here

Awards and accolades

Don’t just take our word for it – Savaria is proud to have the Vuelift home elevator recognized by the following reputable organizations:

  • Elevator World Project of the Year
    First place in the residential elevator category
  • International Builder’s Show
    Best of IBS innovative building product finalist
professionals-savaria-vuelift-achitect-awards-narrow-home-elevator-top-left professionals-savaria-vuelift-achitect-awards-narrow-home-elevator-top-right professionals-savaria-vuelift-achitect-awards-narrow-home-elevator-bottom-left professionals-savaria-vuelift-achitect-awards-narrow-home-elevator-bottom-right

Case in point

Success stories

Narrow home solution

Integrating accessibility and convenience into a challenging home project without compromising the vision of the architect, designer and home owner. Recipient of Elevator World project of the year.


Talk of the towns

Option becomes standard: meeting the demand for luxury, convenience and accessibility in a 10-townhome development.