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Introducing the Vuelift Mini

Remove the barriers to signature style, whether in a country manor, urban townhome or penthouse condo. The Vuelift Mini elevates your home as a stunningly beautiful feature that also helps make the space more liveable.

Rethink what a home elevator can be

Discover the Savaria® Vuelift® panoramic glass home elevator with our NEW Interactive Design Inspiration Guide.

Small footprint

Big Impact

Most new homes already include high-end appliances, stone countertops and heated bathroom floors. Now you can combine stunning aesthetics with the convenience of skipping the stairs. The Vuelift Mini residential elevator is a showcase element that adds value to a home.
With its small footprint and integrated hoistway, it’s an easy addition to design plans for new builds, and remarkably flexible for retrofitting into an existing home. The Vuelift Mini’s sleek circular design lets you live outside the box.


Go joy riding

Savor the Vue

Available in glass or acrylic to allow natural light to shine through, the incredible clarity of the cab means the 360-degree view from inside the lift is as impactful as the exterior design. And both cab and integrated hoistway are UV-resistant so your view won’t be marred by discoloration.

Customizable, powder-coated frame colors let you reflect personal taste and complement interior décor. And thanks to its quiet operation, you can hear conversations—not the elevator.

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Flexible by design

Reclaim wasted space

Thanks to its integrated hoistway, the Vuelift Mini fits against a wall, in a corner, in the middle of an open-concept living space or centered in a winding or circular staircase. It takes up seven- to 10-square-feet less room than a traditional residential elevator using only a 50-inch diameter footprint.

The unit can be wired from either the top or the bottom of to fit available space and provide easy access for servicing, and the controller can be placed up to 100 feet away from the unit.

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    Age-in-place with grace

    Enjoy flexibility of lifestyle, today and in the future. Incorporating Vuelift Mini into a home means greater convenience, enhanced mobility and aging-in-place options for those who find stairs difficult to navigate.

    Whether you require a mobility aid, or just want to avoid the hassle of carrying bulky or heavy items up and down the stairs as part of everyday living, the Vuelift Mini home elevator offers convenience and peace of mind.

    Live elegantly but spend wisely

    Add value, not cost. The Vuelift Mini’s all-in-one installation reduces construction costs and trades management thanks to its integrated hoistway. Even when retrofitting existing homes, construction and installation can be completed in weeks with minimal disruption—compared to the months required for a traditional residential elevator.

    Get more beauty, more convenience and more versatility, at an installed cost comparable to a traditional residential elevator with similar features.

    The Vuelift Mini meets or exceeds stringent ASME A17.1/CSA B44 requirements, as well as local code ordinance. Standard safety features include an emergency stop switch, safety brakes, overspeed governor, manual lowering and emergency battery back-up for cab lighting and lowering.

    That means you should never have to worry about most safety risks—even during a power failure your elevator will lower you safely downwards. Your unit will need twice-a-year scheduled maintenance to help ensure optimal reliability and performance.

    Packed with features

    Explore the possibilities

    The Vuelift Mini is available in silica glass or clear acrylic with matching hoistway, manual sliding car gate and manual landing doors. Also included:

    • Illuminated push-button hall call stations and cab operating panel
    • Integrated touch-pad phone
    • Automatic on/off LED cab lighting and ventilation fan
    • Black powder-coated framing

    The Vuelift Mini offers choices to match your lifestyle, your floorplan and your décor. Optional features include:

    • Straight-through cab configuration (2 doors)
    • Up to six stops for a maximum travel of 50 ft (15.24 m)
    • Frame colors including white, silver or custom powder-coat

    Our proven winding drum drive system with 2.2 HP motor works with a 30A, 230V, single-phase, 50/60 Hz power supply to provide travel speed of 30 ft/min (0.15 m/s) and a 500 lb capacity. It simply outperforms competing tubular elevator technology:

    • Best-in-class weight capacity
    • Superior ride quality regardless of cab load
    • Quiet operation